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المهارات اليومية الحياتية المستخدمة فى كورسات كتب التلاميذ " لغة انجليزية " | نهضة مصر التعليمية

المهارات اليومية الحياتية المستخدمة فى كورسات كتب التلاميذ " لغة انجليزية "

Why Reading is Important for our Kids:
-They can help expand their vocabulary :
While they are reading, they might see words they have never heard . This can encourage them to find out what they mean. By this way, they add this new word to their vocabulary.
As we know that (Practice makes perfect.) right? so the best thing to get better at reading is to do it.
-It helps to build their self-confidence. 
So they can depend on themselves to read things and stop depending on their parents to do so , this is because reading built their self-confidence .By more reading, our kids can begin to understand the world on their own.
Reading helps to keep them safe:
Thy can read signs that have warning words , so they understand when the sign says it could harm them.
-Reading improves their grammar:
They can start understanding the sentence structure and grammar.

Children who read often and widely get better at it.
Reading exercises our brain. 
Reading improves concentration.
Reading teaches children about the world around them.
Reading improves vocabulary and language skills.

Reading develops a child's imagination.Short stories for kids are one of the best ways to teach our children or students about good morals and right behaviors especially if we use them for home schooling . At their formative years , our kids and students need to gain more good values to make them good fit for family and society.

We will provide you with free moral short stories which are prepared for kids. Our kids or students can use these short stories in their life . We as parents or teachers can use these small English stories to teach our children about different things in life. By this way we will help our children build values and improve their reading comprehension skills
Some of our short stories can help our children to learn new things around them at schools or at homes but others aim to teach them some morals like helping others our free pdf file has 7 pages .

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